DIY: Giant Paper Flower (Wedding bouquet)


I got married in October and have finally received my photos… so cool wedding DIYs are coming your way :)

Here is a tutorial on how to make these GIANT roses from tissue paper. I used these flowers for my bridal bouquet. The technique is pretty similar as the one used when I made the rose clay earrings.



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Holiday gift guide: for her

Holiday gift guide for her makdeinpretoria

In all honesty, I believe there is nothing easier than buying gifts for the women in your life. As long as it is pretty, shiny and smells nice you are good to go! Saying that, here is a list of cool finds from the South African e-commerce market. If you are one of my gurls you’re probs going to get one of these for x-mas :D

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Holiday gift guide: For him

I’m baaaack :) I know I’ve been slacking on the blog side of things… but in my defense, in the last few months, not only did things go crazy at work, I also go married. Yip, I’m no longer a miss, I am now Mrs. Rock!

There are plenty cool DIYs coming this way, from latest trends to wedding decor!

Saying that, the Jolly season is almost here so here is my little gift guide for men! I have so many friends who have never bought online – partly because they do not know what is available for the South African market, and partly because they are intimidated by the virtual shopping experience. To make it easy for everyone, here is a my gift guide for men, from South African online stores :)

Holiday gift guide for hime

  1. Kudu head, from Mr Price Home, R229 
  2. Leather iPad cover, From Style36, R499 
  3. Country Road festive socks, Woolworths, R79
  4. Happy socks, Style36, R129
  5. Belt, Woolworths, R140
  6. Tribal Wallet, Style36, R199
  7. Thomspon Keyring, Spree, R95
  8. Cool Cap, Style36, R299
  9. Polka dot tie, Woolworths, R399
  10. Waterlmelon boxer briefs, Woolworths, R89.99
  11. Sunglasses, Mr Price, R49.99
  12. Tintin figurine, Spree, R95
  13. Rainbow straw hat, Woolworths, R140
  14. Shaving cream, Spree, R259
  15. Toiletry bag, Style36, R299
  16. Moustache cash money clip, Spree, R375
  17. Leather thongs, Style36, R399

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This week’s blog love!


Here are some of my favorite tutorials I found lately!


1. Death Star Flower Vase|2. Pet Pillow Cases | 3. Creme Brulee Ice Cream | 4. Ice Cream Iphone case |5. Rainbow bracelets |6. Floral Text Shirt

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DIY: Stella McCartney Dress


Quick, easy, and super simple! Create this haute dress by simply cutting black lace into hearts, and gluing it to a white tunic dress. You can glue it with either fabric glue or hot glue gun. If you are super productive you can hand sew it too ;)

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DIY: Rainbow Embroidered Collar



If you get bored of your wardrobe as often as I do this DIY is for you. Here is a short tutorial to revamp an old tshirt by simply using some colourful embroidery thread

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DIY: Jeremy Scott button dress

DIY quicky


Here is a simple tutorial to create hot haute Jeremy Scott dress:

  • With a hot glue gun, glue a bunch of buttons onto a black bodycon dress.
  • If you have a lot of time and patience, you can hand sew the buttons on to make it more secure.
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Cool DIY finds!


Here is a collection of awesome DIY finds:


1. Embellished Sunglasses | 2. Copper Pipe Wall Sconce | 3. Wire Earrings  | 4. Heart Ring | 5. Dinosaur Tripod | 6. Embellished headset 


DIY: Finger Knitting


Here is a super easy DIY, to  create a super cute knit! I made a nice long string to wear around my neck, but can also be used to as bracelets and headbands.

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DIY blog love



Here are my latest favourite DIY finds:

1. Cat Ears Cap here


2. Studded Zipper pouch here

3. Clouds on the wall here


4. Gem push pins here

5. Alexander Wang Gladiator Sandals here



6. Bleach deer tank here



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