DIY: Burberry Prorsum Owl Sweater

Burberry Prorsum’s Winter 2012 collection has amazing detail, from animal motifs to pretty bows. Here is a simple tutorial to create this beauty:

  • Supplies: Embroidery thread and hoop, and a jersey
  • Prepare the jersey over the hoop and trace the owl shape with chalk
  • Create the shape with a basic embroidery stitch

And voila! An easy way to rule the runway scene!


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11 thoughts on “DIY: Burberry Prorsum Owl Sweater

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  2. Manon says:

    This looks great! And I’m a big fan of Burberry, so I loooOOooove this DIY!
    I did transform a pair of sandals in Burberry lookalikes (with painted wooden beads) from the ss12 collection, it’s on my blog if you’re interested :)

  3. ooh wow you are so talented..this is cute aww am goin to try it myself hey and for that i just nominated you for the beautiful blogger award… keep this award go to and chek what you have to do…:)

  4. I love embroidering but my one issue with it is I tend to find it hella time consuming (I used it one of the DIY tutorials on my blog and it wound up taking 40+ hours! ) Did your top take long?

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  9. Jessica J says:

    Where do you get the template for the owl?

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