Blair Eadie’s shoes {DIY: Black Toe Pump}


Beautiful miss Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific  has stolen my dream wardrobe. These shoes were inspired by her (here) Zara shoes, and makes me one step closer to owning her style  :D

Here is my DIY to copy her incredible style!

DIY: Black Toe Pump

  1. Supplies: Nude pumps, acrylic paint, tape
  2. With the tape, section the toe end that you want black. Paint the tip, and
  3. Once it is dried, carefully peel the tape away
  4. And Voila, prettiness!

xoxo Miss A Banana

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29 thoughts on “Blair Eadie’s shoes {DIY: Black Toe Pump}

  1. These shoes are so cute! I own a pair of Missoni for target heels that look very similar except with a faux cherry wood heel. I immediately thought these were another designer version and am incredibly impressed that you made them! Will the paint stay on even if you walk through a puddle? Beautiful shoes. And even better that you can brag about them being improved by your artistic abilities.

  2. Wow so creative, they look like totally new shoes now!

  3. bonkasaurus says:

    omg I absolutely love this, why did this never cross my mind? I guess when it comes to painting fabric I always think it won’t stick or it will just wash off. I definitely need to try this.

    -Bianca at

  4. bonkasaurus says:

    Reblogged this on I'm Not Skinny, But That Doesn't Mean I'm Fat and commented:
    This DIY by Made In Pretoria is so easy, why did it never cross my mind? I am definitely going to hit up a few thrift stores to find a good pair of trial pumps for this. Anyone want to do a thrift store run with me?

  5. I’m pretty sure I want your pants. And some shoes to try this on.

  6. Vlada says:

    this is amazing,thank you for the idea!

  7. Jeanee says:

    LOVE THIS! So simple and chic.

    I featured your DIY on my blog today:


  8. liz says:

    where did you purchase your nude pumps? I’m having a terrible time finding suede pumps that arent over 5 inches

  9. […] and i can’t decide between glitter or a spray paint job? (nude with black tips, like these.) what’s your vote? Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Published: 02 Mar 2012 […]

  10. Just discovering this blog thanks to (the very great) Pinterest. Great tutorial! Really enjoyed it.

  11. I love it! I used this on my blog and of course I mentioned you. I hope you don’t mind. Have a look.

  12. Devorah says:

    I totally love this idea!

  13. […] -Made in Pretoria This entry was posted in sapato and tagged bicolor, customização, diy, faça você mesmo, pintura, sapato by Daniele. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  14. What type of paint did you use?

  15. Allie says:

    Hi!! I so love this! I’m on the hunt for a pair I can do this with immediately. I featured this post on my blog. I’d love it if you came and checked it out and grabbed a button if you like!

  16. […] inspired by her   Weekend Uniform post. Here are some of my other posts dedicated to her wardrobe: here and […]

  17. sassncurlz says:

    Love this idea! I just may reblog it and will definitely credit/link back to your site…which I adore btw🙂

  18. sassncurlz says:

    Reblogged this on Sass 'n Curlz and commented:
    Hola peeps! I adored this post by Made in Pretoria so much that I had to reblog it! This super cute DIY seems easy to do and even easier on your wallet. Explore and enjoy!

  19. […] werd geïnspireerd door iemand en zij dacht, dat kan ik zelf ook maken. Zodoende heeft zij dit op haar eigen blog gepost. Je kan op het plaatje zien wat ze heeft gedaan. Op haar blog staat nog een korte uitleg. […]

  20. Lisanne says:

    Love the DIY, the result looks great! But I am also crushing on those trousers, where are they from?!

  21. […] DIY idea: Take a pair of flats that you don’t care for anymore, tape them up and paint away. Get fun with it – hot pink neon, black, gold. So many options. It’s an awesome way to revive those shoes you were just going to toss out anyway. More pictures and details on MadeinPretoria […]

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  24. […] is Anje’s DIY Black Toe Pump from Made In Pretoria. She’s super artistic and helpful with all your fashion and […]

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