DIY: Maya ToyWatch


ToyWatch‘s latest Maya collection features some rad watches with friendship bracelets as straps. I have a great love for friendship bracelets and could not resists this simple DIY!


Here’s how:


  • Supplies: A friendship bracelet (tutorial), the face of a watch (available at bead-shops or you can remove the straps from an old watch), a candle, needle&thread
  • Start by burning the candle to get some runny hot wax.
  • Dip the loose ends of the friendship bracelet in the wax and press the ends flat.
  • The flat ends make the task of applying the strap to the face easier.
  • thread the ends through the face, and hand sew it.


One of my good friends from varsity has started an amazing e-commerce store, be sure to check it out: IndieMode

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Maya ToyWatch

  1. Love this project combining a watch face and a friendship bracelet. I posted a finished photo of your watch and a link back to you on truebluemeandyou.

  2. […] LINK: DIY: Maya ToyWatch | Made in Pretoria. […]

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